Burden to bear

I have seen the poor toil and I noted dogs boil
alive, in scalding water
where the fat ladies dive and the paedophiles thrive
and I woke to the cries from the slaughter

Misfits get macheted and mauled by the winning
The wheels of disaster continue their spinning
The fires of hell are a day’s drive away
and it’s all unbecoming, now, wouldn’t you say?

And I am you, you are me
we are all together
but strung out and spread to the end
of our tether
Is this the way that we want it to be?
Look out the window and tell me, just tell me.

Don’t sugarcoat the darkness
Don’t just curl up with your cat
Open the closet, bring out the harness
There is no easy to be had


The sound of children scares me
I’ve seen a world the worse for wear
And hate is too great a burden to bear
hate is too great a burden to bear