Common cold

There’s nothing common
about my cold
the last time I saw you
I didn’t feel this damn old
but that’s how it is today

As I recall
before life took a fall
I was floating
on top of the world
well that fell away

Now, as my strongholds
are seeping away
creeping disaster
is gaining the day

Who cares what cowards think?

I know your fragrance
I know your lies
I’ve been close to
every one of your tries
and while you really believe
this is the way
fog is a lifting phenomenon
wait for it to clear

Now help me my dear
What’s on the common
that I see a-coming
is it the debris
left, of your soul?

Or is it really
the bright blessed day
the one you’ve been waiting for
all this time

When they took you away
was this what you wanted to say
Were you just waiting
to be whole?