Diamonds and arms

The girls’ best friend is a clearcut killer
and the movie is an absolute thriller
but the film is real
it’s a tale of fire and steel

if you steal the stone we’ll bring the gold
and the enemy will not grow bold, or old
that’s the power that you hold

that’s the way it is and it will be
and it’s just as real for you and me, baby

does it shine, can you show it to me?

When riches come for you
there’s nothing you can do
So you’d rather sing your song
than be forced along
The thing you want to do
Instead of this, is give us you
The only way to feel okay
Is win the fokken day, today

It is yours anyway

This continent is up in arms
Gazillions fall to all its harms
But I’d rather stick ’em in the air
For the beauty that you bring me there
And if you woo me like you do

Baby, all your dreams are true.