Four horsemen

They’ve started firing guys
my time is coming soon
that’s the way things go
out of beer in this saloon

Who am I to doubt their lies
we need the best and so we pay, right?
keeps striking me as odd, though
someone’s wealth, the other’s plight

We die by happenstance,
that’s also how we live
you can only change this dance
by learning how to give

we are vociferous,
and generally unsound
a pest as yet unbound

Living it low on the hog, we are
Look on the horizon
it’s the horsemen drawing close
Four horsemen drawing close
war, conquest, famine, death

Some of them now on the run
to the promised land
others think that’s under our sun
drowning hand in hand

Who are we to doubt that we
will somehow make it right?
we have always just hung back
so why can’t we tonight?

it’s in our nature to want more
makes it our duty to need more


war, conquest, famine, death

Four horsemen drawing close

Look at the horizon; learn to love.