Greater places still

I never expected to be with you, to find me here
They didn’t tell me to expect my joyous tear
As a matter of fact, they didn’t tell me
much of anything
now look at the way they look at you
hear the way their joyful hearts sing (hello, hello)

Did you expect, when you woke this morning
to be here?

See the moment we walked across this hill
when we got to the spot where we got our fill

that’s when we all believed
believed there’d be greater places still
yeah that’s when we saw the trace
of the greatness of this place!

Greater places still
Hop along, honey, if you will
Hotter than goodbyes
is the fire in your eyes
This place, sleepy when you came
could now be called seriously aflame
I will never again be that little rabbit in the headlight, tharn
I will always lead you where we go, and move those mountains, darn
Move those mountains, darn