Real condition

HELLO! You’re back again
Haven’t seen you since I know exactly when
I tried to put the make on you
And you believed in me
You always said you’d see me breaking free
Without you

Has it been so long
Have we grown so old
What else is there they all know
But we were never told?

Don’t let me be your shoulder
Trust me not as your friend
My world is so much colder
Without that hand

Give me a piece of your mind
Don’t give me just that hand
I want the whole of your soul
Not just the pebbles in your sand

But it’s a real condition
No catch behind
Free proposition
Answer in kind

So now we’re here again
Eye to another
I find all my quiet
Was your bother

You took the opposite
To be the meaning
How am I hypocrite
Just for the dreaming?

Repeat Bridge

Repeat Chorus 2x