Serious shit (the water song)

You can’t lead a horse to the water
but you can make it drink
you have to flog it ’til it dies
You can’t tell a man what he ought to
but you can make him think
in the way you think is right

Your plans are dead
in the water
The things you said
are as they oughta
but you are sorta
outa depth

the way you treat the people
insisting that they’re sheeple
it may last until your death
but you have to rise for breath

And they will find a way
to dry you out, they say
that when in doubt, they’ll leave you hanging
Small wonder comes to banging
You can’t just treat us folk
like your own egg’s yolk
You are too white around the eyes
and we don’t buy your lies

Now did you really think
that what the people drink
is there for you to make a profit?
Well that’s just right
until one night
they rise and take you off it.
This is some serious shit.

Hey man you privatize
rob and patronize
but there’s a limit to the lot
of those who pay you to play god
wait ’til we find our gun.

Serious shit.
Serious shit.