Sudden mourner

Don’t laugh with no fear of the future
Laugh to control it, not keep it at bay
Keep in mind how you say what you say

It’s an ok computer
More trustworthy than men, in a way
But you shouldn’t believe what they say

If you lost when you least expected
If you feel that you’ve been neglected
If you need things to come your way
Then stay and make them sway.

If you leave they will not see sense
They will pull up a deeper defence

Hence, better is good
If you follow the false pretence
Worse will replace the bad
You’ll be the one who is had

These things move like a pendulum
That’s why there’s hope in the middle
Laugh while you get to today
Sing and play your fiddle

But mind the fire, there’s potential pyros
on your every corner
and before you know
you’re the sudden mourner.

The falsest gods and demons
tell you what you want
and that the fight will not be worth it
it is failure they flaunt

Don’t let ’em do that to you
Better is always worth fighting for.