The world through your eyes

The grounds I think you think you see
may not be there

Unless I question, how will we
become aware?

Today I’m telling you
the thing I must do

is get under your skin
The world you’re living in
you won’t be living in
if I don’t let my senses in

The world you’re living in
will be the world it’s never been

There’s a boat from this bay
and it moves a safer way
but it left port a while before today
It is stuck out there, at sea
in the perfect storm
They call her empathy
Empathy is what you need from me
The world through your eyes
is the world through my lies
reflected back at me

Out through the shallows
towards the square
(that’s where the gallows stand
indifferent and bare)

That’s where she’s sailing
I can hear the women
and I can hear the choir sing:
empathy’s the thing

Empathy’s the thing.