By the time you cross this bridge (beware)
there is no turning back
there is the heavens’ glare
there is the hunting pack

and things may turn benign
but just as easily
the things you think you see
may turn you asinine

See while you may be right
that does not mean you win
What comes to pass tonight
depends on sin and spin

So baby, spin around (dance)
until the world, bedazzled
turns in trance

You may astound ’em yet
They haven’t found you yet
They do not understand
the things that make you move

And you may bite the hand
but it stopped feeding you
and you don’t need to prove
a thing, you need to be and do


Cross that bridge, turn to center
Scale the bloody palace walls
Brave the hail of fire upon you
Heed your soul’s, your heart’s whole calls

Before they know what happened
there’ll be the morning light
and when they look again
they’ll catch their death of fright

Look at you rise above the morning plain
The keep so deep now stands in vain

They thought you’d never do
what you hold to be true
that life is there to live
and to do that you need to give

It’s not that you were hungry
but you were underfed
They didn’t want to see
they closed their eyes and went to bed

Well let them wonder now
just how their sacred cow
turned around and turned out to be sane

There is no lying here
There is no false veneer
There is no longing to be free

You hold the torch up high:
let freedom reign.