Zat, from Haarlem, plays its own brand of English language eighties rock, layered with well considered social criticism. Since 2003, Zat’s fanbase steadily increases; venues ask the band to return, popjournalist Peter Bruyn calls it a “fine barband”, The Saints’ Chris Bailey is “pleasantly surprised” and compares frontman Chielie’s intense show to Elvis’s, Pieter Mulder likens Chielie’s voice and appearance to Roger ‘Chappo’ Chapman of Family-fame, and Hans Croon, frontman of ‘The Dutch’, says “I see the fire in the belly of this band”. Live, Zat is a compelling story.

In 2013, Zat released its latest 6-track EP ‘Timber!’.

On February 1st, 2019, Zat released its 1st full album, ‘All gold and promises’. It is for sale in 3 versions.

Zat is:
Bas / Chielie / Kees / Mike